Developer tips
Published 4 years ago
Creating a soccer tricks game


Consider that during the development of a project you may be asked to change models, textures, part of your code, etc...Therefore try to create a scalable system so you can add functionality to it without having to modify it a lot.

Ball movement

The ball started moving quite fast with Unity's default gravity so a different value was set to obtain the expected result making the game easier to play.


Colliders were added to every part of the body that would interact with the ball. By hitting the colliders, the ball goes up in a random direction. 
The code was created so that the player had to tap exactly where the collider was located in order to run the correct animation. 


Animations had to be adjusted several times in order to get the correct timing that worked with the user input.
The character's position had to be carefully placed otherwise the ball would hit other parts of the body.
Our animator had to create movement without having a ball for this reason some adjustments had to be made too.
Eye movement was animated inside the 3D software but developers also tried to control the character eye joints to follow the ball. For the final version we decided not to override existing animations. 
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