Désiré - Original Game Soundtrack
Published 5 years ago
A poetic adventure game in black and white
Every stage of life is associated with a multitude of feelings and emotions. And so we shall discover, in each chapter of the game, a different Désiré, each indicating a crucial phase in his evolution and his understanding of the world. The game’s musical score underpins each and every state of mind that Désiré experience.
For example, the first chapter’s score features frequent 7th chords. These tones, popularised notably by Claude Debussy, induce in the listener, thanks to a fourth grafted on to an otherwise perfect chord, slightly beneath its full resolution. It is that subtle friction between two notes that creates the required mood. The score’s framework remains based on that principle throughout the first chapter to reflect Désiré’s childhood.
In contrast, the third chapter is profoundly dark. The music becomes a sequence of minor seconds and other resonant chords, some melancholy, some strange, the whole sounding almost lugubrious in accord with Désiré’s dark moods in this stage of his life.
The piano is the only instrument used in the original soundtrack composed for this Point & Click game. This complements the minimalism of a game in black and white whose protagonist is plagued by loneliness. Having said this, the score suffers no redundancy.
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