Design Thinking
Published 5 years ago
A useful way to get interesting designs in a short amount of time
A lot of my work as a concept artist at Young Mind Studio is wearing different “hats”. There is the illustrator hat, where I focus on rendering and storytelling and lighting. There is the game designer hat (I know, concept artists think about game play too, see?) where I think about how the things I am painting would look like or be used in-game. And there is the designer hat, which is what I`ll be explaining here today.
I have a bachelor in Graphic Design and so I am familiar with the pipeline of designing stuff: books, covers, flyers and the like. I know how typography works and can cite all the Gestalt principles. But when designing a game as a concept artist, I have to take what I know about the process of design and apply it to game aspects, be it game play, icons, characters. The key to this process is something called ITERATION. Yes, literally doing stuff over and over again. Not doing exactly the same thing but changing it little by little.
When it comes to creating assets for OLOGON: Edlen`s Wrath, one technique I`ve picked up is really helpful.
Basically it`s all about research. You can mix and match concepts to create unique ideas and express those ideas on paper. There are a lot of ways to achieving ideas like that (as the video above shows) and I personally love the concept of studying a subject`s shape language and applying that to a unrelated subject. One good example would be designing a mech out of broccoli. Yes, it has been done.
I will follow up on this post with a video of how I used that knowledge to design some ships for OLOGON: Edlen`s Wrath.
Stay sharp,
Tamires Pará
Lead Concept Artist @ Young Mind Studio
Pedro Dalcin