Creating Dude Dancer
Published 5 years ago
Creation of a little dancing dude for your mobile device
Guinea Pixel is an Indie company purely for the love of games. I am based in South Africa, Cape Town, where I create all the magic. I started Guinea Pixel in 2014 after jumping from web development to app/game dev. Once I get an idea I go for it, working with freelance designers and Audio Engineers across the world, spending every free second coding my idea into functional greatness.
Quick Overview
Dude Dancer is a rhythm game for your mobile device that will keep you on the edge of your seat, ready to jump up and dance. Great timing and epic combination will make Dude Dancer dance like no other. The better dance moves performed the more the crowd in the club will love you, the more the crowd loves you the more score you will get.
Awesome beats with epic melodies! I have chosen a combination of Techno, Electronic, Dubstep, Rave and NewWave music that will leave you whistling melodies for weeks on end!
The Inspiration
I was always a big fan of Guitar Hero, trying to perfect songs day in and day out. It's an amazing feeling playing a good Rhythm game, something that can't be compared to any other game, taking your hand eye coordination to the next level. 
I have been playing guitar, drums and various other instruments for more than 9 years. So overall, anything to do with music will instantly spark inspiration.
The Back Story
It all started October 2014, I had a flash idea of creating my own Rhythm game (while playing a lot of Guitar Hero), but with super visual satisfaction.
I instantly started coding some prototypes while thinking about some visual aspect. I browsed through some online portfolios and found a great artist, Scarlett, super creative, amazing and quick with animation, understanding and creates exactly what you envision.  
November 2014 I pinged my friend, Noulen Basson, that creates music, won a DJ competition in Amsterdam and had multiple successes in the past, if he could help me out. Of course he agreed, with passion to succeed, creativity and love for music. He has multiple bands, but here is one of the favourites, Terrorvizion.
The combination of great design, great music resulted an motivational explosion. I had the first prototype ready in 2 weeks... after diving into beat detection, syncing audio to visuals and visa versa, mobile latency etc. It was a huge learning curve and it was amazing! :)
I am happy to announce this is the result of hard work, research, great team work and loads of effort and time :
Art Concepts in the "Way Back"
Like you can see what started with with free hand sketches, testing and analyzing dance moves. It took a while to figure out exactly which moves we will use. Referencing music videos, dance tutorials we finally managed to pull it off.
The Bright Future
I have loads of great improvement for the next update of Dude Dancer, reduced download size, way more character animations, avatar creation and customization etc. ...I don't want to give you guys too many spoiler alers :)
Want To Famous?
Remember that you can register via Dude Dancer (in-game) to contact us to request to add your own songs for the next update. If we like your songs we will "tab" it and add it for release.
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