Creating Atmosphere
Published 5 years ago
Day-night and climatic systems in Spheres
To create a vibrant and ever changing game world Sense of Place Games has created it's own custom built atmospheric and day-night cycle systems within the Unity game engine for up coming title Spheres.
Spheres is a game about exploration in a large open world. A key part of enticing the player through this world is that the environment is in a continual state of flux, even previously visited area will appear different depending on the time of day and weather conditions at any time.
To give you an idea of how the systems work in practice here is a time-lapse video taken with the in-game camera over one in-game day:
The world of Spheres is continuous and the player is always in control of the camera so there are no loading screens or cuts to hide behind when introducing new atmospherics.
To create these ever changing atmospherics Sense of Place Games has created a series of independent day-night lighting and weather systems that interact with each other over time to produce ever changing combinations of conditions.
These systems will produce different atmospheric effects that will not only change seamlessly over time, but also be different from place to place as the player moves through the world.
The aim is to create a world that feels organic and varied, a world that will keep rewarding the player as they explore even when they return to areas they have already visited.
To find out more about Sense of Place Games and upcoming project Spheres watch the trailer or get in touch with the links below...
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Tim Leney