Creating a game with someone you don't know
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Taking a risk to work with people you don't know & the power of the Unity forum
It started with a desire to create a small mobile game, the mechanics of which I had all worked out in my head, but being a graphic designer at a games publishing company I had little experience in game coding. I turned to Unity, in particular the Unity forums. With such an incredible wealth of talent in games development where better to look.
I posted a proposal on the ‘Non Commercial Collaboration’ thread. You can check out my post here. It was a fairly simple post but my goal was to find someone who was looking for someone like me, a designer. It worked. I was emailed by multiple people who wanted to hear my idea. Every person I spoke to was enthusiastic and determined. I started working with Entony, a German guy based in Cologne. Entony is a self taught Unity developer and was confident in the project and immediately had some great ideas.
We began work on ‘Hex Defender’. Hex Defender is a tower defence game with a few interesting mechanics that set it apart from other games in its genre. In Hex Defender you place coloured turrets on each corner of a hexagon. You must protect the crystal inside your hexagon. You can rotate your hexagon to position your turrets differently. Lastly each turret you place is 1 of 6 colours that you can choose from, only if the turret colour matches the colour of the enemy ship. Check out some gameplay below.
Throughout the development of Hex Defender it became apparent that Tony and myself were working great together and we had similar goals. We decided to work on future projects once Hex Defender was released, that's when Madowl Games was born.
Towards the tail end of Hex Defender’s development we decided the game needed some extra polish. We bought in Jamie and Dan to work on the art and music. It would be an understatement to say they did an amazing job. The music is out of this world, 12 unique tracks that span across 6 in game stages. With 6 different themes the campaign art helped create a richer story, an area that wasn’t the most important aspect of the game. Checkout some of the incredible art below.
Hex Defender is out now on Android and IOS. Although the game is small it represents such a great journey for all of us who were involved. Madowl Games are now working with even more people on multiple PC projects so keep an eye out.
Starting a project with someone you don't know, from a different country, over the internet could sound like a risk. Thanks to such an incredible online Unity community I found someone with equal work rate and identical aspirations. The future is bright for Madowl Games.
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Rory Busby
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GabrielaIt brights my heart to listen to this story of collaboration in amidst so much chaos at the current industry...
Thank you!! It is pretty hectic!
3 years ago
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It brights my heart to listen to this story of collaboration in amidst so much chaos at the current industry...