Co-Op Multiplayer
Published 4 years ago
UFPS, Multiplayer, Vehicles, and Discover
I am in the process of creating all the mechanics for my yet to be named project.  This project will involve using the Ultimate FPS toolkit, a vehicle toolkit such as Realistic Car Controller, the Procore toolkit, along with a number of assets from the asset store.  The overarching goal is to have a Co-op single/multiplayer game with the potential to have a few game modes such as Friendly Fire off, Friendly Fire on, and a couple of typical shooter modes (like warfare, death match, and team death match).  For the main piece I plan on having all the Co-op spots automatically filled with Artificial Intelligence non-player characters which would automatically be replaced with any multiplayer friends that join with the thought of keeping your Co-Op team complete even if you are playing solo in the world.
Chris "Redhawk" Ferguson
Indie - Other