Clapper Gameplay
Published 5 years ago
What is Clapper?
Clapper is a co-operative rhythm & clap game, and is perhaps most easily visualised as a mix between traditional hand-clapping games and digital rhythm games. With Clapper, we're really hoping to get the whole family playing together. We find that, especially with mobile and casual games, gaming can be a rather solitare experience. Clapper was designed so that kids can play with their parents, grandparents and music teachers, and we're trying to make the game as inclusive as possible.
The game is in the final stages of development, and will be coming out mid 2016 for the iPad. We’re posting here to give you all some insight into the Development, and will be posting more "Stories" shortly where we can talk more indepth about some of the features, such as our input method. 
In this story, We will be talking about the main gameplay of Clapper!
Clapper has a unique input method that make use of the ipads camera to distinguish between 5 different types of claps. Clapper can distinguish between straight left, straight right, diagonal claps, and claps being performed with both hands at the same time. The Game is played with the iPad placed in between two players, and the claps are performed above the iPad. The Game features custom music and the players are tasked with clapping along to the beat of the music.
Players are lead by falling rhythm notes that indicate when to clap, and which type of clap to perform. Being a rhythm game, the claps needs to be performed in sync with the games music. The notes and the music are synced up and the correct timing of the claps are represented by the notes meeting in the middle of the gameplay screen above a set of bullseyes. When the notes meet in the middle of the gameplay screen, the players should perform their claps. 
The Game is played with the iPad placed in between two players, and the claps are performed above the iPad.
For each clap there is a threshold of time for the players to complete the clap. This means that we can grade the players timing and give feedback on how well they are performing. The grades range from OK - GOOD - PERFECT, and there’s also feedback when you are TOO EARLY! We wanted to make Clapper accessible to everyone, from newcomers to seasoned rhythm gamers. Therefor we have four difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, Hard and Bananas. 
Every level ends in a Food Challenge. During these challenges, the player must clear all claps successfully to complete the challenge. The notes are generally more intense in their patterns and this is accompanied by a change in the music, often through a modulation or a change in the instrumentation. If a fruit challenge is completed, bonus points are awarded, and the fruit is “unlocked” for that song and difficulty. The Food Challenges are designed to add variation and replayability to the levels. 
Some of the tasty items to be collected in the food challenges!
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