Building an island from scratch!
Published 3 years ago
From paper to Unity.
Solo is an exploration game in which a sailor is traveling through a vast archipelago, solving puzzles, and wondering about love.
You can learn more about Team Gotham (@TeamGotham_) and Solo right on or  here.
The world is divided into archipelagos, and each archipelago is formed by small islands. Each island represents a unique puzzle the sailor will have to solve before getting to the Sleeping Totems and awakening them - which is the main goal on each island.
On this update, I'm going to make a brief tour through the process of building an island - from paper to Unity.
  1. Design a map on paper - There are many ways to design a puzzle. In this case, I already had my thoughts on paper, so it was easier to build an island.
  2. Here’s the map with my usual notes and comments to get it into the engine as I designed it.
  1. Building the main island shape in the engine - Once the map is designed, we go to Unity and start building the island from scratch following the notes on the drawing.
  2. Using technology built by Team Gotham’s lead programmer Daniel García, we can easily create terrain and modify it to create the final shape we want.
  1. Testing the map - Now that the environment is built, we place the boxes selected for the island on the terrain, jump into the game, and start testing the area, the puzzle and its solutions.
  2. Usually, the island is not perfect at first, so we have to keep tweaking and changing the terrain to make it fit the puzzle.
  4. Dressing the island - When everything works and the puzzle can be completed with multiple solutions, we can start a process we call “dressing the island” to make it look good.
  5. Starting with trees to shape the environment, we begin placing assets to create the unique environment of the island.
  1. Play! - Now the island is ready to be played, with animals and butterflies wandering around the plants!
If you are interested in watching the whole process, we made a live stream on Twitch building an island from scratch. Since it was a 3 hours long live stream, we've made a timelapse video that you can watch right here:
 (You can watch the full stream on Twitch too:
In the near future, we'll keep working on new updates showing more details and tools we are using to create the world of Solo.
If you enjoyed the update, please let us know!
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