Blubber Busters is a 2D action platformer with an emphasis on frantic combat.
Published 4 years ago
Space whales have problems -- Lots of problems -- from bizarre bacteria to pesky parasites and everything in between, and they need your help!
Humans and space whales live in harmony among the stars. Why? Because we need them and they need us. The whales provide us with transport across the galaxy, access to resources and materials, and much-needed companionship and in return they only ask that we keep them healthy. For being such an ancient species living in deep space, they're not too bright and get themselves into all sorts of trouble.
Their docile and cuddly demeanors make for perfect company in the lonely expanse, so what kind of monster WOULDN'T do their best to make sure they're happy and disease-free?
Naturally, clinics have sprung up across the stars offering these magnificent beasts relief from whatever ails them in return for a number of goods and/or services. Usually cash.
Maddy Taylor Kenyon
Co-Founder of Thar Be Monsters - Artist