Birth of an Unity Developer
Updated 2 years ago
Growing up in Unity
As with every person that is born, no one comes out of the womb running. You have to go through various stages of development before you can even have the hopes of walking much less running.
That’s how I’m looking at my journey as an Unity Developer.
If you consider a new born baby, think of the time that a baby has to go through before they can even rollover. Then after that they have to learn to sit up, then crawl, then stand, then walk and then at some point run. That whole process can take up to 2 or 3 years from the time they were born.
My point is that at some stage of our endeavors we all start out as noobs and being a newbie you will need something to help you get started quickly.
That is where I believe Unity comes in. You can get an idea prototyped pretty quickly if you are willing to put forth a little effort.
And even though, I didn't have to go all the way back to such an earlier stage since I wasn’t a complete beginner at programming; when it came to game programming, I felt like that baby who is just trying to rollover for the first time. But even then I felt that I had a good support system to grow.
So by all this, I really do feel good about my journey of becoming a grown up in Unity. And since I am just a babe I have decided to develop in 2D until I grow up some before diving into 3D.
All in all, I’m getting there and I am really happy with what I have learned so far and what I have been able to accomplish.
So let me introduce my first project in Unity; It’s called Perfect Streak.
It is a 2D top down arcade game that has a soccer theme where the object is to keep the computer from scoring goals by blocking soccer balls. And while you are doing that you have to do it perfectly - hence the name ‘Perfect Streak’.
From programming this game I have been introduced to the Animation system, the Sound system, the Particle system, downloading and importing a Firework package from the Unity Store, implementing Facebook and Google Play Services, implementing Chartboost, using C# to load resources, loading GameObjects from script, manipulation game objects from script and so much more.
Let me just say that if you want to get better just dive in and create something. That’s how you are going to learn.
And before I forget, I wouldn’t be doing this accomplishment justice if I didn’t mention the folks on the Unity Answers forums.
Those guys and gals are a life saver.
Joseph Burton