Becoming a Filthy Rich Just By Editing Videos
Published 4 years ago
The Greatest YouTuber Ever
How can success be represented? Everybody would agree that making parties with famous guys and gals in a yacht, being invited to events and being shot at photocalls, increasing the amount of fans who consider yourself as a top reference of coolness, earning so much money that it leaks out of your ears, and living in a space station isolated from the scum, might be good examples of fame. This is what ultimately Youtubers Life is about.
Youtubers Life is a videogame which puts you in the shoes of a boy or a girl who wants to become the greatest content creator ever. To reach this goal, you will have to edit and upload videos as you get more popular. You will have to experience hard times at the start to reach a particular status… but it’s worth it! Being a youtuber is a dream come true!
In this game we have effortfully tried to capture the spirit of how youtubers build their career. It is obviously not 100% realistic —otherwise it wouldn’t be fun— but you can find a lot of situations which every youtuber shares: parents shouting out for staying late at night, hard beginnings, being independent for first time and getting enough income to avoid spending your free time working in another job.
Youtubers Life is definitely our most ambitious game so far. We started developing the game at the beginning of 2015. By then, our main concern was that future players appreciated the title’s unconventional gameplay. The game was firstly pre-published on Steam Greenlight and the campaign went very well. It was finally released on PC and Mac on 18 May 2016 through Steam in Early Access. This has helped us validating our concept of gameplay with the Community apart from correcting bugs and localizing the game into several languages.
The result after the game’s release was that it became an immediate hit. As a matter of fact, It was ranked as one of the top 5 most sold videogames on Steam during three weeks in a row. Actually, it reached #3 in the first weekend since it was released. Moreover, YouTube got full of let’s play videos based on this game. Loads of youtubers, some of which have millions of subscribers, recorded gameplay sessions and uploaded them online. Everybody was thrilled about it and many journalists spoke about it in several international online and print magazines, radio stations and TV channels. Our expectations were happily exceeded. We had created the trendiest game of the moment!
In terms of gameplay, we mixed two genres, life sim and tycoon, and polished its mechanics to make a firm GOTY candidate. Our aim was to create an addictive title which mesmerized all kinds of players, young and old, male and female, no matter where they were from. It shouldn’t be hard to pick the game right away but it should be challenging too. Balancing was the clue. Our main influences were Game Dev Tycoon and The Sims, but to be honest, this videogame is very different to both games and it has its own personality.
In order to understand and pinch the feeling of being a youtuber, we received feedback from some of the most important Spanish content creators at the early stages of development. We had previously worked with them in another title —Karmarun— so our relationship was quite fluent. They gave us advice on the types of situations our characters should face and they explained us how was the process of recording a video, uploading it and gaining subscribers.
Regarding the game’s visuals, we believed that rather than realism, our models —both characters and objects— should have funny proportions and a bright colour palette, as in cartoons. Apart from that, we also thought that it was important that our character had 2D facial animations in order to express feelings. On the contrary, every scenario was made in pure 3D and we exaggerated the focal length to strengthen this perception.
However, the game is far from being perfect. In this sense, we are constantly trying to improve it since the first day in the store. For instance, we have recently added new languages —now there are 8 in total but two more will be coming very soon— and we have integrated a new cards system to play in-game. Other features to be included in short are the brand new Steam Cards and the Achievements which will provide a more complete experience for our users.
Last but not least, the future can not be brighter. In the upcoming months we will be updating the game with four new channels. Right now you can only replicate the life of a youtuber who makes videos based on gaming. However, soon you will be able to record videos based on music, cooking, fashion and lifestyle.
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