Backgrounds are more than just an image
Updated 2 years ago
How Rest in Jelly scenarios are made
Did you ever tried to communicate a person who does not know how games are created how many work involves? Rest in Jelly is not an exception and we want to share with you how do we create a level for the game.
Pencil and paper is the best tool ever created to start. I know so many people that starts with photoshop or even the editor, and then a simple change becomes a nightmare. Next you can see the sketch for one of the levels of the third world of the game. The idea is to outline the path from start to end and how the player will die. For example you can see an steam blast in the lower left part.
Once a level seems correct, we need to clean it up and we generate a second image with tiled to adjust sizes to be sure later in the game all will work correctly. For example, Jack can jump up to five tiles.
With this image we can create the level itself in Unity3D, create the colliders and test it out. Once the level works we sent it to Xavi Pous, one of our artists to create all the art.
When we started the game it was tile based but some time ago we decided to change the art style and one of the objectives is to be able to generate more unique look and feel. Finally we have a set of images for every level in the game (we know it's not the most optimal method), next you can see a composition showing the level and it's parts.
Many thanks for reading :D