Back to the Commodore 64
Published 4 years ago
with the GDK twist and taste
Even before we started our studio, Alavi Bros., we used to joke that we were like Mario and Luigi –  two 8-bit brothers on a quest to save the kingdom… from boredom! We’re originally from far away, but now we live in the US. Getting here was a big adventure with many levels and troubles along the way, but we didn’t give up, and learned a lot before finally reaching the Princess’ castle! Now that we are here in the castle, we don’t want to stop! We want to share our experiences, and create new stages to explore!
Introducing GoodNight Kitty = the Alavi Bros.:
Reza Alavi: 40, visual designer, toy collector, passionate about Snoopy, Captain Haddock, Obelix, rainbows, the universe, and everything.
Amir Alavi: 26, developer, gamer, surronded with all-round trendy creature, passionate about all above mentiond and of course "I would say more,".
Our core team is just the two of us, designing and building anything/everything that we have time to imagine. If our friends get too curious about our projects, they sometimes get roped in as collaborators or guinea pigs - we feel their love towards us and they know how much we love them, so it all works out. 
Our studio lives where the Internet connects to our machines, and as long as we have our books, video games, and toys around us, we can keep creating! 
Our philosophy is that even though life is a game, it’s more fun playing a videogame. So we want to make life more fun by making many more levels, and stages, and worlds.
Super Duper Punch was born because of our love of retro videogame design aesthetics and 8-bit/16-bit abstract gameplay. We were thinking of making something that could have come out on the early Atari consoles, or Commodore 64, but with a pinch of our twist and taste. 
There’s a certain simplicity that’s missing from many of today’s games, and we want to bring that back without sacrificing design or gameplay; we have bright, blocky graphics, and intuitive controls that anyone can pick-up and play.
Super Duper Punch is reminiscent of games like Activision’s Boxing for the 2600, or Punch-Out, but combined with soccer, and given a pixelated psychedelic makeover.
Two combatants slug it out in a top-down arena, as various power-ups appear on the field. The objective of the game is to force one’s opponent into one of the goal posts on either end of the playing field. Each punch knocks the other character back a little, unless they block the punch. Simple to explain, but challenging to master. Super Duper Punch offers a great multiplayer experience too, even on mobile devices, as two players go head-to-head in an all-out slugfest.
Super Duper Punch has a roster of ten fighters, with more to unlock or purchase. Finalizing the characters and stages took about six rounds of completely starting over before we felt that the game embodied our brand and vision. We wanted unique characters that were distinctively Alavi Bros., and that people could only find in our games. 
When designing, we love combining things that might not normally go together. Like what would happen if you have a character made out of the combination of a peanut, an angel, and a ballet dancer? That’s how Clara was born. It’s almost like looking at clouds and seeing familiar shapes and pictures in them. We combined all kinds of elements in the clouds of our imagination to come up with these characters.
The sound design for Super Duper Punch started as an experiment in trial and error. The thing that we were sure of from the beginning was that we didn’t want to use 8-bit music, as everybody uses this kind of music in their video games these days. We tried many styles, from classical to jazz, to techno, to whatever you think. After we finally decided on the style, we asked a musician friend to jump in, and he took it to the next level. (Honorary Alavi Bro!)
We believe that all the elements in Super Duper Punch work together to make the experience perfect. We had many other ideas for this game, but thought that adding them would make the game unnecessarily complex, and would not be as much fun for the player. In the world of mobile games, Super Duper Punch stands out because of its visual style, as well as the innovative approach to gameplay, which is unlike anything else out there. Super Duper Punch will have a surprise that you have to play to the end to see. You will be shocked when you see the final stage!
And this is not just the style for this game, but the style of our entire lives. As we mentioned before we are fascinated with simple Atari/Commodore design, not only for games but designing life! Our interest in Japanese design and culture, combined with the resultant simplicity of 80s videogames which were constrained by technical limitations, made our super duper design possible.
Reza Alavi