Anjin Games delivers high fidelity Online VR game thanks to Unity 5 tech
Published 4 years ago
Anjin Games was able to go to market quickly with DeadBotz 2 : VR Cyborg Warfare thanks to the amazing Unity 5 engine and Google Cardboard
Here at Anjin Games we strive to get the most out of the Android platform.
We are hell bent on pushing the pixels to the limit. We obsess over frame rates, fill rates and polygons per second. But thats not all...we do this in a multiplayer networked scenario. 
Due to Unity 5s advanced OpenGL support we have been able to create one of the highest fidelity VR experiences on Google Play to date. How did we do this? Read on....
Anjin at its heart is based around performance measurements- we make extensive use of the profiler and runtime OpenGL profilers like the Adreno Profiler. FPS is king and whatever we try to do, it must fit within the frame of at least 15fps or VR will stutter horribly and the user experience wont be good enough.
One year ago we launched our new AAA game DeadBotz 1. It too had some of the best AAA graphics on Android and we had worked hard with Beta versions of Unity 5 to realise the full potential of the system. At the start of this year we began an exhaustive process to iron out any performance bottlenecks and raise the bar even higher.
Thanks to the introduction of Google Cardboard support with the Unity 5 engine we were able to quickly adopt the new technology.
Today our platform can easily perform at over 40fps in non VR mode and over 20fps in VR.
We're old hands in the networking department. We have a deep understanding of  WiFi and mobile networks. Our first game was very popular due to being one of the first games on Android to support a visceral hair trigger networking experience. Today we run a custom server network mixed with Unity 5 networking technology to unite players from all over the globe. 
We use advanced techniques like triplanar shaders and optimised scene layouts to deliver realistic looking scenes. Unity's occlusion system is the real star in this constellation.
Our AI is as minimal as possible whilst still delivering believable enemies with great animation supported by Unity's excellent Navmesh and Mechanim animation systems.
Anjin will always be committed to pushing the limits of the Android platform.
We can't wait for you to see what we are working at the moment but I'm being told to sssshh by our programmers.... its a secret for now :-)
Simon Gillespie
Founder Anjin Games - Owner