Alchemy and Crafting
Published 2 years ago
Legrand Legacy Update !
The fantasy world of Legrand Legracy is full of curious objects, magical items, and mysterious potions. Some are obviously vile, some are probably nourishing, while others look positively disgusting. Where can you find these items?
If you have played the Legrand Legacy Pre-Alpha Prologue, you'll know that slaying monsters will reward you with a lot of loot – things such as teeth, scales, slimes, and more. Well, you can bring all of these things to the Alchemist to turn them into items.
Items can also be obtained from completing side-quests. Remember the Flamatone that the Blacksmith requests?
Some common items may be available in the Apothecary, but the rarer ones will definitely require a bit of an extra effort. Each item has its own specific effect, such as healing, buffing, debuffing… and reviving.
Any and all items can be sold for Danaar (in-game currency) or even used to craft other more powerful and rarer items. In order to craft the item you aim to secure you simply collect the ingredients listed in the recipe.
We will include a bunch of recipes in Legrand Legacy so that you can craft the items you need to bring into combat or to customize your characters’ equipment to upgrade as needed. Below is a sample recipe for Remedy Shards.
As part of our the potential rewards that backers can secure for their support, starting at the Crafter Tier and above you'll get to design and name one of these in-game items! It’s certainly a wonderful opportunity to preserve your favorite keepsake and leave a lasting legacy that’s uniquely yours.
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