Published 4 years ago
A Game Where Pie Charts Are Not So Boring
We are Dustyroom, a two-brother game studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Well, not really game studio - rather creative studio. We used to make casual and mobile games but the weirder side of creativity has always been too appealing to us, so we went experimental.
We’d love to share with you our lessons from game Aeroteque. It started as an innocent entry to the latest Ludum Dare game contest. As you might know, by the rules, you are given 72 hours of time frame to come up with and implement anything that looks like game.
From the beginning we wanted to make a rhythmic music-based 3D platformer that can be eventually brought to VR. The initial game mechanic was jumping over self-diminishing fruity-looking isles towards something, not sure what exactly. That would work, but wasn't much new in terms of game mechanics. Instead, we wanted to make something simpler but at the same time embrace the nature of VR - make you do fun things you always wanted but couldn't in our cold real reality.
So during the very last hours before the submission alarm we gave up and made it a survival game. Jump on colorful trampolines as many times as you can or want. Current version is different: now you jump towards sky, kind of like Doodle Jump in VR.
It turned out to be a fun game even only on screen, but is of course 10x more fun in VR. After Ludum Dare has ended, we tried to push the fun even further - wouldn't it be amazing if we didn't have to use keyboard or a controller at all? Wouldn't it be cool to move in the game by moving in the real world? Sounds crazy, but such technology is already available - it's Google's Project Tango. Luckily, our studio’s left brain half, Max, is using one of those devices in his Master's Thesis, so we used it.
Google Play (requires Google Tango):
There are a lot of cool little things implemented in a form of custom Unity scripts. For example, to give the game some kind of vibe we made a cool Skybox animated with a special shader. We are sure it has plenty of potential. To make controlling of in-air movement comfortable, we had to create a custom character controller, and so on. Then, there's some cool geometric models and decorations created by Volodymyr, the art half of Dustyroom. So, we decided to give the game with all these cool features away as the open source project
The music in this game, as well as in all our other works, is the work of Volodymyr, our designer and sound man. Besides Dustyroom projects, he acts as an electronic music artist Polygrim (see more at
We will keep working on the project as there are a lot of creative visual and gameplay-related things left to do.