About Us
Published 2 years ago
Husband + Wife Studio
Sarah and I met in college in 2008, I was majoring in Computer Science and she was in Art. We both shared a passion and a severe addiction for gaming, which was the reason why we were at our respective fields.
A few years later, I started to fall in love with this beautiful lady, so I developed a strategy of inviting her to join me in creating a mobile game called Lava Escape. I was working with another artist at the time, but thought it would be a great opportunity to invite her to the team so I can get to know her a little bit.
We would meet at Denny's to discuss the project, and often times I would tell my other artist that he should suddenly feel sick so I can just meet with Sarah alone. As I write this story now I am realizing how hopeless I was...
However, fast forward a few years, and now we're married! And we started to pursue our dreams of becoming an indie game studio to create games that we both are passionate about. Dream Sheep is our first official product, and we are both excited to share it with everyone :)
Dawood Putros