A brief story about Intertum
Published 3 years ago
the origins
Our first contact with Unity was back in 2009 when we worked in the quality assurance department in a local video game company. Since then we have had our disagrees with Unity but we got better,  it's like the girl that everybody loves and say it's friendly and approachable but when I came close to greet, slapped me so hard in the face that even jazzist playing stopped.
For a few years we didn’t use Unity, but then in 2014 we participated in the “global game jam” using one of it's newest features "2D", needless to say it was a disaster but we felt that what we had almost done, felt like something . I was still skeptical but decided that if we work hard we might someday do something decent. In 2014 we went on another project unrelated to the games. In 2015 we worked on what would be our first attempt of game, many things went well, others went bad but we decided it was time to do things more seriously. Currently we are working on a shoot em up game, this due to the rule of "minimum viable product" (in addition to that I wanted to make one someday) so we thought a genre we like but not too complex to allow us to finish over a period of six months (which are over by the way) as you may guess not everything went as expected but is going much better than we expected.
What I had first thought were five levels with four different enemies each for a total of 20 enemies and five bosses. The player, before each level can choose weapons or type of ammunition, so we began to work on the first, a script to control the character and shoot, then another one to control the camera, homing missiles, follow paths and much more, the game was growing in complexity while moving away from the original concept but their essential characteristics are preserved. We take inspiration from classic games of the genre: a little bit of Gradius another little of R-Type, Blazzing Star, Star Fox and others.
I wanted the game to stay away from the classic themes of robots in space, odd, humorous something between a traditional shmup and a "Cute-em-up", but this was changed to lean more to the traditional (space and robots ). For history also thought of something humorous and crazy, stories and characters, we like as Scott Pilgrim, Ranma ½, Adventure Time but it ended closer to science fiction.
We hope that this game will please veteran players of the era of arcade and attract new players to the genre and yes it is too ambitious for our first commercial game.
So far the game is about a young scientist who happens to be compatible with a powerful weapon and decides to use that power to end the reign of evil that him and his loved ones live under. One of the key parts of the story and game mechanics is the "2V" which is a power crystal with which people have progressed but has also been used to oppress and crush, this material is used both by the enemy ships as the main character to create ammunition and to improve their skills. Each of the levels correspond to an important character to the story that will also be a level boss, we want each level has a theme and distinctive mechanics.