A 360 Degree Tale
Published 4 years ago
A Game That Took The World By Storm
A ball bouncing inside a circle trying to save itself from the spikes of the inner edge, collecting the random jewels and waiting for the rubies to get fancy balls – if you are a fan of fast paced, addictive games, you should know we are talking about the hit arcade game– 360 Degree by The Mascoteers. Being the first game of the team, this game has a special place in our heart and we are so happy to share the story of the most remarkable game of our team. Let’s take a look at the origins and story of one of the hottest apps over the past year and what inspired it.
About The Mascoteers
Before starting, we would like to give a little background about us. The Mascoteers are a team of ambitious developers and driven creative people that have released more than 20 successful original gaming apps since 2014. We are passionate about bringing new ideas to life and giving gamers fresh, exciting and unique challenges. Our line of apps varies in terms of the gameplay, controls and the concept itself, but we have managed to make a name for ourselves by turning simple ideas into highly playable puzzle games that draw you in, and can be played if you've got very little time or all the time in the world.
The Mascoteers is a branch of a larger company called WebAlive, which specializes in web design, development and online marketing, as well as various other online services. The South Yarra-based company has been operating for 15+ years and has more than 1000 clients.
The Concept
360 Degree is one of those classic games that has very simple gameplay, but is somehow intense, addictive and most importantly challenging - the kind of game you play and think to yourself ‘why didn’t I think of this?’. The action takes place inside large circle, in which a ball bounces around. 
The player can rotate the circle and influence which part inside the circle that the ball makes contact with. Inside the circle, there is a jewel - when the ball hits it, the player gets a point and a new jewel appears somewhere else. The aim is to collect as many jewels as possible, while avoiding various spikes that appear on the inner edges of the circle. As your point total increases, more and more spikes appear and the balls moves more quickly, making it more difficult to control.
It’s a game that has a steep learning curve and while it seems super-tricky in the first few plays, you pickup the skills very quickly. There is a fierce rivalry between players in the 360 Degree community on social media, particularly Facebook, where top scores are shared monthly.
How 360 Degree Was Born
Most of the The Mascoteers apps have been thought up by the team witnessing some physical occurrence in day to day life that plants the seed in their mind. A previous app was actually thought up with one of the graphic designers simply doodling and stumbling across what looked like a ball flying down a flight of stairs - thus, Stairway was born.
360 Degree however has a slightly different origin and had actually been an idea that was kicking around the office for some time. We had always been eager to develop a game that had a underlying foundation of physics backed by mathematics, where the gameplay was based on using precise angles to influence the movement of a ball. 360 Degree is the result of this and the consistent angles and physics of the ball are a source of much pride for our team.
Latest Story
After the huge success of 360 with a single mode, we decided to take it to the next level and recently we have launched three new modes. The ball still bounces around inside a large circle but in the new modes there are many new features. In the modern mode, the circle auto rotated and can be rotated to right only. On the other hand, in the Blink mode the player rotates the circle as needed but this time around, the plates that make up the circle are constantly shrinking and flashing (if they flash for too long they disappear) meaning that the longer you play, the more gaps you have in the outer boundary. 
The aim is to keep the ball inside the circle and keep the plates in play as long as possible. Yes, it’s that fascinating. The latest mode that we have added to the game is the color mode. In this mode, you have to match the color of the ball and the plate it’s hitting, and the jewels will appear on a random basis. 
This mode is slightly different than the other three modes, considering the pointing rule and not to mention the bubblier colors of the balls and plates can make you happier. 
What’s Next?
As 360 degree is our first game, we never actually stop brainstorming about this game.  The latest modes have just released, and they are doing amazing. Our next target is to enrich our game characters. There is an amazing collection of characters already, but we are really looking forward to come up with better designed and more interactive characters for our fans.
Thanks From The Mascoteers!
The Mascoteers are the team of some insanely amazing people who came under the same roof to deliver addictive and fun games to the world. We burned midnight oil to work hard, but every time we get a good review, we literally forget about the tiring days and sleepless nights. We would like to thank everyone who was, is and will be involved with us. Stay with The Mascoteers and accept our gratitude!