24 Hours Into Early Access Launch
Published 2 years ago
Planet Nomads Launch Data of What Seems to Be a Good Start
The moment we worked towards for two and a half year is here. It actually happened yesterday to be more precise. Planet Nomads, a sci-fi sandbox game of building useful things to survive on procedurally generated alien planets, has been our first PC game and so we didn't what we should be seeing. And especially what happens next? But first, the launch trailer.

Data During the First 24 Hours

We got off to a good start, it seems. With the 1K units milestone conquered during the first hours (we launched 2 PM UTC/GMT on Thursday 25th) and today Friday we have surpassed 2K units sold. The biggest scare was user reviews score, but that's currently sitting at 31 reviews with 78% positive, hope the trend continues.
Edit: At 33 reviews the score went into the dangerous Mixed rating zone with 69% positive. This will be fluctuating it seems.
There was a huge spike the moment the game hit Steam, obviously, gradually falling down for good 18 hours, which was pretty grim. But for now the sales has stabilized, although it's super early to tell what happens next.

GOG Promo

Is awesome. Planet Nomads got a main banner, with a newsletter coming later in the weekend. The sales conform to the expected 10% of what Steam sales are, and the added visbility and the love that pours from the community is amazing. This also includes the press and Youtubers.
Certainly recommended for any indie dev out there as integrating the GOG Galaxy and the whole process was a breeze.

What Happens Next?

That we would love to know, so please share your experience with us. We can be reached via the PN website. Sure, we will know as the time passes, but any heads up info will be much appreciated as we are currently refreshing Steam stats and the Steam store page and it's not healthy at all!

Buffpanel - A Tip for an Install Tracking Tool

On a parting note, we'd like to recommend a tracking tool called Buffpanel. Would you like to know how many installs you got from a link on your trailer? From an article on IndieDB, your website or your trending Facebook post? This tool will tell you exactly that.
Jakub Riman