0.7 Awakening
Published 2 years ago
Bringing Life to Planets with the Biggest Update Since Survival
The animals got advanced role-specific AI. There are now many specimen of each species having different roles. The planets themselves are generated faster and without holes. New killer plants have been added. Crash sites to be discovered. Underlying story to be uncovered.

Major New Features, Summed Up Nicely

Ten updates since the original Early Access launch back in May. Now the 0.7 brings Planet Nomads closer to our vision for the game. A vision of an astronaut survivor simulator with deeply intertwined game mechanics of building, survival and exploration.

Every Dog Is Different

In nature, not every animal gets to be the alpha male. Younglings tend to stay with their mothers or near their homes. Others hunt to keep the herd alive. Similarly in Planet Nomads, every specimen has its own behavorial set. Some or tougher, some wait till you are wounded and only then attack you. Diversity, engagement and an increased action radius in which the bold creatures, the hunters, actively seek the player and can cause a high level havoc.

Environmental Hazards

We've also added a new aspect to the worlds of Planet Nomads and that's deadly flora. Poisonous. Carnivorous. Dangerous. But some of it also lootable at night. Certainly Nomads need to take extra care when moving around the alien planet

Watch the New Teaser for 0.7 on Steam

Watch the new video teaser on Steam.
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