Arrow Heads
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Wielding only bows, players shoot, dodge and deflect arrows in this zany isometric archery game. Whether competing against other players online or teaming up against waves of enemies locally, Arrow Heads hands players unlimited arrows and drops them into chaotic environments to test their mastery behind the bow.


Arrow Heads began as a side project to be entered in an Ontario-wide University and College competition, the Level Up: Student Showcase. The objective behind developing Arrow Heads was to create a game that allowed its players to experience the classic fun and competitiveness of local multiplayer games. Using a unique shooting mechanic that simulated releasing an arrow, the design aimed to be approachable for new players to quickly learn the controls and hold their own against experienced opponents.


Arena Mode

2-4 frenemies can duke it out both locally and online, or at the same time! With tons of unique levels, and utterly devastating power ups to smite your enemies, such as explosive rockets, electric tesla coils and leg-chomping bear traps, the term bows and arrows has never been used this loosely!

Arcade Mode

If you’re looking to mend any friendships ruined in the arena, there’s a fully co-operative survival mode as well. 1-4 archers can team up to defeat waves of menacing bears that come packaged with with an arsenal of axes, cannons and spear rifles. Compete for the highscores with a combo multiplier, and the unpredictable power-up spinner!

Online Play

We realize getting 2-4 friends together to compete on a couch is not always easy to arrange. We used the Photon Unity plugin to build our online solution which allows players to queue up together from any region of the world. Players can invite each other through Steam, or simply queue up for a match of Arrow Heads online and be paired with other players also searching for a game.


What’s the point of being the best bow-and-arrow-shooter around if you don’t look good while doing it? Every battle in Arrow Heads rewards players with bird seed. Save up enough and you can unlock new birds to play as, fancier bows and bizarre projectiles that can be loosely defined as ‘arrows’.


  • Best Overall Game - 2016 - ESAC Student Game Competition
  • Best Overall Game - 2016 - Level Up Student Showcase
  • 1st Place - Artistic Achievement - 2016 - Level Up Student Showcase
  • Semi-Finalist - 2016 - Adobe Design Achievement Awards


We recognize that the games market is global, so we wanted to ensure that players would be able to play the game in their native language. We had the game localized into 7 different languages and the result paid off. Some of our largest markets came from outside North America including Russia and China.

Brendan Muir
Co-Founder - Artist
Joshua Cappelli
Director - Owner
Shae Humphries
2D Artist - Artist
Zack Wolfe
Co-Founder - Designer
Cody Romphf
Co-Founder - Designer
Game Languages
English; Italian; French; German; Spanish; Chinese, Simplified; Russian
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Zack Wolfe
15 hours ago
Co-Founder - Designer
Definitely! We haven't set a date yet but we'll make announcements once we do.
Zenas Bellace
4 days ago
Developer - Owner
Looks fun. Any consoles in your future deployment plans?