ARO Product Park
A massive application covering in-depth looks at 7 industrial pumps. I initially was the lead developer on 4 pumps (one although an impressive pump and application was never released) and worked with one artist as an initial proof of concept. This was taken to cover the range of style of pumps in the ARO Product Park for Ingersoll Rand.
The application required me to create a basic class structure as well as a way to store parts information on the given pump. The information was stored in a lengthy JSON document so any part could be pulled up at any given time to get information on in the exploded view. In addition to the view of the pump all together there was a fully animated X-Ray mode to see how the given pump functions.
This was meant for customers and technicians who may need to know how to repair or get part information. As well as see if it was the right pump type or style for a given job. The application was deployed on iOS, Android and Windows.
Ken Stojevich
Unity XR Developer - Programmer