Armed to the Gears
Published 2 years ago
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Strategy Shooter in a dark mech-dominated dystopian future.
Hi guys, Armed to the Gears is already available on Steam Early Access! It combine elements of a top-down shooter, RTS (or tower defense) and "Capture the flags", as you control a heavily armed mech from one capture point (Reactor) to another, where you set up a base with turrets, missile launchers, landmines, energy generators and barricades, and proceed to the next offensive. Victory is achieved by capturing every Reactor in the map. You'll loose the round if your mech is destroyed while you have no Reactors captured.
The story, in short, goes like this: After a neutronium-based energy source is discovered in deep excavations, many inconceivable technologies were now possible. New weapons, powerful batteries, and a powerful teleportation method for deploying units and structures into the battlefield. A run for this incredible resource went desperate to the point of starting a series of world wars, that culminated in the victory of a single totalitarian regime that took control over the whole world, known as the Ministry. Using their monopoly over the neutronium, the Ministry build an army of cyborgs, mutants and robots of all kinds and sizes to ensure their perpetual domination.
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