Published a year ago
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Windows; Mac
// A Storytale Graphic Adventure // (WIP)
3 years ago I've worked on an animated shortmovie called "The Island": I designed the whole scene and modeled everything over a couple of months. I really loved how that litty ditty came out and in the following months I've kept drawing characters and writing stories to expand the lore of the island. After some time, I've decided I had enough material to start thinking about putting everything in Unity and setting up a scene which could be a potential "demo" of a videogame! This is when the idea of AriA has started shaping out!
The main character of Aria is Oreste Gabbiagalli, an old' sailor man which has traveled the seven sea and has explored fantastic and mystic lands and worlds. He collected up all of his memories into his precious diary and now he will be the oBut as every ol' man...his stories are somehow rambling, disjoined and maaaaaybe filled with a lil' bit of his imagination!
Davide Pellino
3D Artist - Artist
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Windows; Mac