ArenaZ : SyloZ
Syloz design was born the battlefield of MagmarZ ; the volcanic plain. After years of battles to exploits the MagmarZ’s plasma veinsin vain ; MaErDa Corp decided to move along and abandon his colony on MagmarZ.
In honor of the loyals colonists; the King sent one of his son on MagmarZ for a last fight to honor and pay the sacrifice of his colony. SyloZ the Silly was the Sacrified. He was more an volounter that anything else to be frank. He like burning things or people he did’nt like.
Few hours laters, he was landing on MagmarZ with his personnals guards looking for recruits to salvage the wrecks of years of battles to refit the old Dual Blaster Type 1 model with 2 industrial plasma generator they retrofitted on his Royal Spacecraft. At this point it was a one-way ticket for Hell.
The Prince and his guards designed enough Plasma-Thrower for 12 guards and used them to hold vicious attacks from MagmarZ’s MonsterZ for 2 years before falling out of supply. There was born the SyloZ Concept.
Marc Gauvin
Zbrush Artist / Game Designer - Designer