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Are You Lucid is a metroidvania platformer about exploring the dream of a boy. Unlock new powers to gain access to new places and overcome new challenges. Will you be able to make it out or stay a while longer and uncover the secrets?— you are in control, after all.


The game has an emphasis on exploration where the player is free to roam and the levels are designed to reward player explorations by enabling the players to access secret endings depending on their findings. Strategically placed levels that are either hard to reach or require certain power-ups to unlock, are designed to drive the players to the objective. This can be paralleled with the feelings of a child finding a cookie jar on top of the refrigerator, but having to figure out how to get to it. Thus the player ventures further to look for the powerup that will open the way to the organically developed objective.
The player can walk, jump and through the course of the game, dash and shoot fire out of his hands. These help the player clear or pass through obstacles like spikes and thorn bushes.
Secret areas exist in the game which can be accessed by backtracking to certain sections that give off hints. These secret areas once found result in a slightly altered ending.


The game makes use of sprite shapes in unity to model out all the levels.


The game takes place in the dream of a boy called Lucid. The theme is greatly influenced by the name of the game itself which suggests lucid dreaming. However, as the player is in control of the boy it is obvious that Lucid is not.. lucid.

The elements of the game such as the ghostly forms and multiple endings have their meanings open to interpretation. Perhaps the player takes the part of the boy’s subconscious that teaches him to face his fears or maybe it is the boy’s subconscious that react violently to the player.


Created By
Jennifer Horo, Jonathan Guite, Niyati S, Prajit Nandeshwar
NID Bangalore - Digital Game Design
Prajit Pramod Nandeshwar
Game Designer - Student
Jennifer Horo
Game Designer - Student
Niyati S
Game designer - Student
Jonathan Guite
Intrepid Potato - Designer
Saurabh Saxena
2 years ago
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Good work👍