Are You a Sci-Fi Game Fan - 'Vertical Infinity'
Published 2 years ago
Are You a Sci-Fi Game Fan - 'Vertical Infinity'
'Vertical Infinity', a Sci-Fi action FPS (First player shooting) game has surely immersed itself for an out of the box virtual reality real play gaming experience which definitely sets the momentum on. Gamer's would not only experience the most scintillating experience of their lives but also a never before witnessed unique story-line campaign as well. It all comes in a single bundle of exciting gaming experience just for the gaming fans.
In Vertical Infinity, the battle of heart versus head takes place in a galaxy where only one achieves the ultimate supremacy. 'Team Logica' fights for their complete dominance with their one-directional, mechanical assigned path. On the other hand, 'Team Eternia', which takes decision from heart, fights for unity, peace and tranquility. Both teams have their issues to resolve and the final result of the battle will reorder everything.
The characters designed in the game represents an ideology on which the game is built i.e. 'Invaders and Defenders'. 'Team Logica' consists of bots characters and 'Team Eternia' includes half human, half machine characters. Weapon inventory includes weapons which are a gateway towards the mass destruction. Rocket launchers, machine guns, assault rifles, snipers, hand grenades and many more such weapons are added for a complete optimistic gaming experience.
Concept of rebirth has surely become a new sensation for this game where a character gets a new life with a new avatar itself. Teleportation can be seen as something with supports the games theme where a player can teleport and save itself from the enemy attack. New an exciting terrains are all awaiting to be explored where 9 real life planets with a distinct theme are all for serve. A player has to play, keeping a specific mindset while facing the enemy head on.
Being a Sci-Fi gaming fan, I personally feel that 'Vertical Infinity' has many more milestones to accomplish. For all the FPS lovers, this is the best destination to halt. Let's get set for the breathtaking experience of your lifetime.
Vertical Infinity
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Mohnish Zade