Architectural Visualization Script for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
This is a completed project that was targeted for the Unity Asset Store. It is a motion controller C# script allowing a user to navigate through an architectural scene whilst wearing a Windows Mixed Reality Headset and using the Bluetooth motion controllers to navigate in each of the four cardinal directions. The movement is a gliding motion and not a teleport mechanistic approach as seen with some VR implementations and thus offers a more natural viewing experience. The script is used within the Unity Game Engine. Project setup is very quick and simple allowing architectural models to be imported from external 3D Modelling and CAD software such as Sketchup, Blender, Revit etc. It also allows for more customization and flexibility whilst using Unity. It is clearly a more economical solution than some other commercial products offering a VR mode navigational plugin. Hopefully this published asset gets approval by the Unity Asset Store.