Arcade Racer Evolution
60 fps console quality arcade racing with unique original controls on your phone
Bringing back the lost arcade feeling that racing games once had. Select the Car, select the Track, enjoy the music and the sound of the engine's rpm rising, listen to the screeching tires when you drift, see the rubber on the asphalt, overtake your opponents, finish the race, earn your rewards and unlock the next Grand Prix. Innovative Portrait Controls: Use just 1 finger to adjust speed and steer and with a 2nd Touch anywhere on the screen start drifting till you Powerslide. At any point you can switch the steering method to use the device's accelerometer to tilt and steer and you can also choose Landscape Mode to have the classic "Steering Pad + Buttons Combo". Customize Graphics: Set your screen resolution to fit better performance or keep the native, choose freely between the smoothness of 60 and the battery economy of 30 frames per second. Record your races, and add video and/or audio commentary, and upload them to social media using Unity's Everyplay service.
Kleomenis Kakkalos
Games Developer