Arbor Life
Published 6 months ago
In development
Simulation Strategy Game
Arbor Life is a simulation game in development that takes place in the forest ecosystem. Players take on the identity of individual trees, guiding their strategy for survival in a continually shifting environment of threats, opportunities, and competition. How best to allocate stored energy, when to leaf out in the springtime, how quickly to draw moisture for photosynthesis are among the strategic decisions the player makes as they try to out-compete their neighbors for precious resources and sunlight.
Thank you for checking this out. Your thoughts and feedback are most welcome!

Neil Hurwitz
Neil Hurwitz
6 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Guillaume. There will be screens where the player can allocate their tree's energy among different functions and make decisions about how it responds to different environmental conditions. I agree with your point about allowing players to choose and vary the game pace to see how their decisions play out. That'll definitely be incorporated.
Guillaume KEHREN
6 months ago
Lead Developer
Cool concept, seems right up my alley :D How do you play it exactly, i guess you have some UI to give instructions ? Dunno much of the game but anyways I'd suggest you consider a speed up option to allow players to skip through the slower parts