AR/VR for Android with ARCore and Daydream-compatible controller.
Android app where the user gets immersed into an AR/VR environment, being also able to move just by walking and interacting by means of a Google Daydream-style compatible controller.
The app has been developed with Unity 2018.1.1f1 just for test purposes. Google ARCore 1.4 is smart enough for positioning the user's free movements (walking around the scene, getting on the knees, etc...).
Google's Daydream-style compatible controller communicates via Bluetooth Low-Emission (BLE) with the app, making therefore possible for the user to fully interact with the virtual environment. It also allows user's long-distance displacements, as shown in the video.
The 3DStereoscopic image allows the user to place the mobile phone into some cheap 3D glasses for getting immersed in the virtual world.
To run this app a mobile phone compatible with ARCore is needed, also with BLE capabilities. There's no need for the smartphone to be compatible with Google Daydream, since the implemented BLE communication protocol already decodes the controller signals.
Wish u like it. ENJOY!