AR Throwing: Unity & Augmented Reality — Unity Asset ☄
AR Throwing (Docs) — Unity Asset which combines Augmented Reality & Throw for Mobile Platforms.
During an encounter with a target, a player may throw a ball (or any object you want) by tapping any point on the screen (easy mode) or by flicking (swiping) the ball from the bottom of the screen up toward the target (hard mode). Both modes form different speed and throw direction based on last tap point, what makes the game even more interesting.
Toss Diligently & Hit the Targets!
All paid assets are included in Unity Package:
— Throw Object 3D to implement throwing.
— AR Camera GYRO to implement Augmented Reality for wide range of mobile devices. You can use any AR Engine (ARCore, ARKit, etc.) because there is no hard connection between Unity Project and AR Camera GYRO.
— Real-Time AR Shadows.
Bring the enchanting Power of Augmented Reality into your amazing Game or App:
— 3 unique containers: Barrel, Bucket & Bucket Group.
— 2 Throwing Modes: “Tap” (Easy) & “Flick/Swipe” (Hard).
— 10+ different items to toss: balls, weapons, etc. Easy implementation of your own Throwing Objects.
— Dynamic Sound System: play Throwing Sounds based on speed, pitch and volume factors of Throwing Objects.
— Tons of Customizable Parameters for Throwing (Force, Torque, Delays, Rotation, Position, etc.).
— Custom Meshes of Containers created with Technie Collider Creator (it's not needed to run the project). They allow computing collides more accurately.
— Mobile Optimizations: Object Pool, TextMesh PRO, etc.
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