AR Survival Shooter ☄️ FPS with Augmented Reality ☄️ AR Shooter
AR Survival Shooter is the first-person shooter in Augmented Reality: kill the zombies and save your life with full immersion in the game!
Unity Package contains a demo with AR Camera GYRO & AR Shadow.
Note: Cross-platform mobile camera implements markerless augmented reality (AR) by using a gyroscope (like Pokemon GO).
⚡ Available in the Unity Asset Store.

☄️ Dependencies

All paid assets are included in the package.
  • AR Camera GYRO;
  • AR Shadow;
  • TextMesh PRO by Unity Technologies;
  • Survival Shooter Tutorial by Unity Technologies.

☄️ Features

Changes are made regarding the original project by Unity Technologies.

☄️ AR

  • AR Camera GYRO;
  • AR Shadow;
  • “Iron Throne” with Player Damage Zone;
  • Clean Scene Environment.

☄️ Common

  • Menu Scene,
  • Start Tutorial in Game Scene,
  • Colored Particles for Zombies.

☄️ Optimisations (Mobile, UI, etc)

  • Object Pool with separate Enemy Manager for each Zombie prefab;
  • Caching of all Components & Animation Parameters for Enemy Prefabs;
  • TextMesh PRO for Texts (Score Text is updated when it really needs),
  • UI is noticeable on Mobile now (new cool design of Health UI),
  • Load Screen Control,
  • Mobile Shaders for enemies,
  • Public Unity Events for more flexibility,
  • And more…

☄️ Testing

  • You can test the project in the Unity Editor with Unity Remote.
  • You need to hit Play – Stop – Play for gyro detecting (specificity of Unity Remote).

☄️ Tested With

  • iOS on iPhone 6 (by myself),
  • Android (by my clients).

☄️ Download

⚡ Available in the Unity Asset Store.

Andrey Sirota
Asset Store Publisher | Unity Developer - Owner
Andrey Sirota
a month ago
Asset Store Publisher | Unity Developer - Owner
☄ VERSION 2.1 | AR SURVIVAL SHOOTER I fixed the project errors for Unity 2018.2, related to TextMesh PRO. The new version 2.1 is already available in the Unity Asset Store: More information about the elimination of the error can be found on my website: #unity #unity3d #unityassetstore #assetstore #gamedev #indiedev #textmesh #textmeshpro