AR Portal to Sabarmati Ashram
Summon a portal door to Sabarmati Ashram anywhere you are and take a tour of the space in real life scale, to get a sense of how Gandhi led the Satyagrah Movement, the Khadi Movement and the ways he contributed to our nation's independence.
We have designed this immersive experience on ARCore's SLAM technique which can be experienced without an image marker. The assets have been designed to real world scale after taking reference shots of the current state of the Ashram.
Holding your device, you can walk around inside the space to explore each room. To counter the possible limitation of your physical space, restricting the user to move around inside the Ashram, we have given a Teleportation option which will help you shift to another room via a drop down menu.
Hope you enjoy exploring Sabarmati Ashram!
Thank you,
Team Enso
Enso Immersive
Challenge Reality - Owner