AR Peace
Made for the DST and Unity's #IMAGINE Gandhi :AR Competition

Topic:- Gandhi Ji's Teaching

Peace And Non-Violence

I Harshit Pratap Has Created this AR App for the IMAGINE GANDHI Competition.
This app shows you a way to create Peace and Defeat Violence with the Non-Violence. Actually it contains the Symbol of Gandhi’s Peace and Non-Violence.
It contains three Monkeys who represents: -
1. Eyes Closed- It taught us that we should not see Evil.
2. Ears Closed- It taught us that we should not hear Evil.
3. Mouth Closed- It taught us that the we should not talk Evil.
The app starts with an Introduction screen that taught us the origin of the Three Wise Monkeys.
Then the welcome screen is displayed.
Which contains some buttons.
1. It will enable the first monkey and that will walk and bow down in front of the statue of the Gandhi Ji and will complete its journey to the end.
2. The other two will took another way and do the same.
It also contains a video that will taught us about the origin of the three wise monkeys.
For the Target Image:-
For the Full Instruction manual:-
for Docx:-
We can directly install the apk file from the given link.
And can scan the attached target to start the application.
Thanking You.

This app contains three monkeys of Gandhi ji. One represents that We Should Never Hear Evil , other Represents We Should Never Talk Evil and the Last Represents We should not See Evil.
First Comes the welcome Screen then The Second Introduction Screen and then Starts The Actual Working.
Harshit Pratap singh
Game Developer - Student