AR : Mahatma Gandhi
Presenting an Augmented Reality application demonstrating AR colouring feature and showcasing Mahatma Gandhi, his biography and his monument : Raj-Ghat via target scanning.

AR Coloring

Scan the specifically created paint target after or during the painting process. A 3D model will appear which will adopt the colour of your painting.
Note: Colouring target can be downloaded from inside the app or from this link -

Currency Scanning

Select the 3D model from the menu and scan any Indian banknote with Mahatma Gandhi on it and you can see, based on your choice, one of the following three virtual objects on top of the note-
  1. A holo-projection of the Mahatma Gandhi doing Dandi March.
  2. A television telecasting the short biography of Mahatma Gandhi.
  3. A very detailed monument : Raj-Ghat (Cremation Place of Mahatma Gandhi)
Note: Any well known Indian banknote(5₹, 10₹, 20₹, 50₹, 100₹, 200₹, 500₹ and 2000₹) can be used as the target for scanning as long as it has the Mahatma Gandhi's image on the scanned area.
Sumit Chaudhary
Programmer + CG Artist + Animator - Other
Utkarsh Singh
2 years ago
Unity 3D Developer
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