AR LG Signature OLED TV R
Does this mean that I am the first person that owns the first rollable TV made by LG? Maybe not, but at least the minions are looking great on the big screen :)
I didn't had the official measurements for the TV, only the display size so the model is almost identical to the real one.
Model made using Autodesk Maya 2017, textured using Allegorithmic Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop CC. For the augmented reality application I used AR Foundation and Google ARCore plugin with Unity 2018.3.

What I learned while making this project:

  • how to work with Unity Animator, how to control different animations using toggles and how finite state machines work;
  • how to work with Video Component and how to use Render Textures;
  • how to work with Unity UI Component, how to use the Canvas in different render modes, how to set up buttons, toggles, text and panels to look good on different screen resolutions;
  • how to work with AR Foundation, and how to optimize an AR application;
  • how to use Google ARCore's light estimation shader with AR Foundation;
Eduard Constantin
Indie Game Developer - Programmer