AR Authentication module
A user can log in the system using a key that is built in augmented reality. The key takes into account the relative position of objects of different types and their rotation. While registering, a user sets the key which he must then reproduce during authorization. The system is developed on Unity for Android and iOS platforms. ARKit, ARCore augmented reality technologies are used; only horizontal surfaces are detected.
Based on certain surfaces, a grid is constructed for setting 3D objects there, which is calculated by the "projected" shader that considers dimensions of virtual objects. The key is stored in JSON format and can be multi-size (now 3 objects/keys are used); it can be encrypted or not.
The module has been developed for use in Digital Wallet app (iOS, Android) from
2018, iOS / Android, Prototype / Ready to integrate solution
+ Made for Digital Wallet app /
+ Integration to existed native Android app
+ iOS / ARKit and Android / ARCore
+ Key store and compare system
+ Placement and rotate calculated in key
Sergey Vitukhin
Programmer - Programmer
Game developer - Owner