AR Assemble

Updated 7 months ago
AR Assemble uses Augmented Reality to provide sequential instructions for any machine or device.

Summary :

Our goal is to bring the current paperwork instructions which is very boring to read, to the exciting and interactive Augmented reality. Using such technique one doesn't have to worry about losing his paperwork instructions or having to go through the entire book to understand the instructions.

Inspiration :

As a Kid, I had a tough time assembling a CPU, So Augmented reality inspired me to create a solution for the difficult times i had assembling things like CPU and Water Purifiers.

How it Works?

We are using Google's ARCore for the AR functionalities. Once you select the instruction. You have to tap on the surface where you want to see your instructions. Then you have to select all the components one by one to see where it should be placed. The information about the selected component is given as text and also an inbuilt bot agent reads it for you

What's next for AR Assemble?

Our next goal is to create a bot which responds to user's voice inputs that way it feels like a representative of the company is there to help anywhere anytime for the customers who buy their products.
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