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Updated 10 months ago
Learn how you can apply to become an expert on Unity Live Help

Community Expert Criteria

To ensure the level of quality we have set criteria that every Community Expert should qualify. Here are the criteria that as an applicant you should satisfy to become a Community Expert
  • Your Unity Connect profile should be at least 90% complete so that we can validate your skills and past projects.
  • You should have at least two years of experience working in Unity.
  • You should be an Intermediate, Advanced, Expert Unity user OR have been a Unity Pro account holder for at least six months.
  • You have posted answers on the Unity Forums OR answered questions on Unity Answers OR have a Github account with valid projects OR have active StackOverflow account which you used to provide solutions on Unity specific problems OR are currently an Asset Store publisher with at least one 4 stars and above asset published
  • You have passed a 15 min expert assessment conducted by Unity.

Expert Application

Below we’ve provided guidelines on what we will be asking as a part of the expert application process on Unity Live Help. We will notify you as soon as the expert application is available but for now please familiarize yourself with the application.
Pick your role(s)
We have three roles on Unity Live Help: programmers, artists, and designers. Feel free to pick one or more roles which match your skills and expertise.
A community expert specializing in scripting and programming.
A community expert specializing in 3D or 2D content.
A community expert with knowledge of game topics such as level design, gameplay, and narrative design.

Add your skill tags

We recommend you add at a minimum three skill tags which represent your skills and expertise. Below are some examples of possible skill tags.
Skills: Programming, Networking, Animation, Rigging, Gameplay Design, 3D Modeling
Languages: C#, Javascript, C++, etc.
Features: Unity 2018, Cinemachine, Mecanim, Collision, Physics, Shaders, etc.
Platform: VR, AR, PC, Console, Android, Oculus, etc.
Style: 2D, 3D, Low Poly, Realistic, Stylized, etc.
Game Type: RPG, FPS, Shooter, Roguelike, etc.

Add your preferred language

Add all languages which you are comfortable providing community members help in.

Add your years of Unity experience

Pick the most accurate option which matches your years of Unity experience.

Set your minimum request rate

Your minimum rate is the rate which you make for any request you take. We only send you requests that are above or at the minimum rate you set. We recommend setting your minimum rate to $1 so are notified of all requests that match your skills on the platform.

Set your direct booking rate

Customers who you’ve already helped who want to directly book you again will be charged at this rate.

Submit your application

After you’ve filled out all the necessary information, when the form is live you'll simply hit "Submit". Once you’ve submitted, we’ll be reaching out to you within 2 business days about the status of your application.

Become a Unity Verified Expert

Once your expert profile is complete we recommend you apply to become a Unity Verified Expert. Unity Verified Experts will receive the following benefits:
  • Priority access to all submitted requests before non-verified experts.
  • A Unity Verified Expert badge displayed on your expert profile.
  • An early sneak peek of new tools and features on the platform.
Interested in become a Unity Verified Expert? Send an email to to express your interest and we will follow up with next steps on how to get verified.
Nathaniel Ventura
Product Marketing Manager - Marketer
Nathaniel Ventura
10 months ago
Product Marketing Manager
Hi @Vahe Vardanyan please go ahead and send an email to and we can follow up with you in regards to your application. The service is not currently live yet.
Vahe Vardanyan
10 months ago
Unity Developer (AR / VR, gameplay)
Hi @Nathaniel Ventura this is all great, but I didn't found the place to start and activate my profile to make it something like "yes, I want to be a Unity help expert", I mean how exactly I can apply, some button that I didn't see? I've answered google form questions that I got by e-mail, that's it?