Summary The game is a space shooter, where the player takes the role as a 'Seeker', your mission is to search for white space particles to gain access to the huge white hole in the middle of the universe and save humanity. Specification: Group - Studio Smithereen School project: Ten weeks at 50% Level editor - Unity 3D Engine - In-house My contrubutions: Paper planning Whiteboxing Prop placement Mission design Story design Enemy balancing Tools: Adobe Photoshop Notepad ++ Unity 3D In-house tools Work: The first step we Level designers took was that we sat down and made a mindmap where we were focusing on our first six levels. We focused on what we wanted the player to experience and what type of missions we needed for that to happen. After setting the missions, we made a list of what kind of props we needed and what mood we were aiming for each level, we started making small prototypes of each level of the game. Each level designer took one level and started placing objects to build up the level inside Unity, focusing on getting the right length and width for each of the levels to begin with. At this point we did not think about the factor of height, because it was not that important to us, but as a pointer we had put our mind on a three 'layer' build plan, where each layer represented a span of 150 units inside Unity, but as soon as we got the option to add missions to our levels, we started to build our levels in the height axis as well, we noticed fast that 150 units were too small for our levels, so to make the levels better we increased each layer to 300 units. As soon as we got a good mood setting in both height and the mission placement inside out levels our next step was to script spawnpoints for our enemies, We met some problems at this point as both of the level designers were quite new to XML scripting in a 3D space, but with good communication with our programmers the scripting went like a blast. With almost everythingg set we had to startbalancing both enemy stats and the lenght between our missions thoughout the levels, this because we're required to have at least 30 min of gameplay, this process was the most time consuming one, we ran into many problems which required tweeks and remodelling of the levels. The last step in the pipeline for this project was to place more models into the levels to give areas more environmental stories as well as 'character', we were also in charge together with a couple of programmers to get the gameplay more suited for a greater crowd. We balanced player statistics as well as enemies statistics and spawn numbers. In the last hour one of the levels crashed and scripted events stopped working, we had to make a quick fix which lowered the standard of the whole game, we had to make fixes that made somewhat sense but that was problematic since the level was story heavy. We had to quickly change spawns, cut out story and instead make the level more action based.
Christofer Schenström
Junior Level Designer - Designer
Christoffer Wardh
Technical Director - Programmer