Anzen: Echoes of War™
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Android; iOS
Anzen is a fast pace sci-fi fantasy ARPG that brings PC quality game design to mobile. It has a focus on storytelling, end game content, seasonal challenges and only selling cosmetic in-app purchases. The game will be continually updated with bug fixes, balancing and content expansions.

Still in Early Development

We are currently working on 3D assets and getting a level ready with multiple abilities to show off to everyone. Our goal is to get our 3D style down enough to represent what we are going for. Even after showing off our progress we will still be working to improve it. Our team would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a good ARPG for mobile. We will be listening to all feedback and applying it to make this ARPG awesome.
Come and join us and Discord and talk directly with the development team! We would love to hear what you think about the art, story and game systems.

Story Synopsis

The children of Freyden grow up hearing an old tale about powerful artifacts called the Echoes. They were used to end the ancient war against an evil force long ago. Not many believe the Echoes are real or that such a war even took place, but a new enemy has surfaced, and they are wreaking havoc on the world with one goal in mind. Find the Echoes of War.
Only a handful of old texts talk about the Echoes. One of these texts are protected by a powerful organization, the Guardians of Freyden. Guardians are elite soldiers, wielders of magic, and protectors to the people or at least they used to be. Now, these once noble warriors only protect the wealthy and the powerful.
A small group of Guardians want to use the text to find the Echoes before the enemy but how do you find something that no one believes exists?

Game Features

You can expect features like: in-game cinematics, voice acting, game sound track, cloud save, in depth item system, companion system, achievements, leader boards for end game content and more.

Classless System

  • Weapons
  • Your weapons will level independently from your characters progression and gain new abilities to use in your fight against the Malvada. When your weapon reaches max level it will gain a "Legendary Ability" (that works passively) and gains an honorary title worthy of its deeds.
  • Equip up to three weapons to customize your play style.

Ability Types

  • Normal: Guardians are taught and trained to use any and all types of weapons at their disposal. These are abilities that guardians use without much magical power behind them.
  • Empowered: You infuse your magical power into your weapon in order to create a magical modification with more power than a normal attack.
  • Ultimate: Only Guardians who have truly mastered their weapon after gaining much experience can unleash its ultimate ability.
  • Support: Overtime Guardians learn how to use their magic to aid them in their battles by making them stronger, increasing ally defenses or healing themselves.

End Game Content

End game content is a huge for us so its important that this content is balanced and can provide hours and hours of fun. We want to create a game where you are advancing every time you play it. Whether you have 5 minutes or 20 minutes each time you play your character becomes stronger to take on more difficult tasks.
  • Endless Dungeons
  • Test your strength against the unrelenting dungeons that change every time you enter. You have to pay to attempt the dungeon, don't forget!
  • Stronghold Assaults
  • Daily instanced dungeons where you fight powerful enemy warriors.
  • Seasonal Challenges
  • Play through the game with added additional rules for a short period of time and unlock new rewards


Similar to expansions on PC and console we will be designing new content to release a couple times a year that includes a large amount of content for a low price. Expect new characters, increased levels, new items and more.


No one can gain an advantage in the game by spending more money then someone else.
All in-app purchases are cosmetic. No one can gain an advantage in the game by spending more money then someone else. Character skins, item variants and being able to change the color of your skills are things you can find in the game store. With a dedicated user interface to customize the look of your character.
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