Anxiety: Revelation of Mind
Published 2 years ago
In development
Anxiety: Revelation of Mind introduces you to the forgotten story of a dark past. Play as Henry Willsmeer and unravel the secrets of Berkley House. Anxiety: Revelation of Mind is a first person survival horror, set in the early 1900s. A game about discovery and immersion with a focus on dynamic puzzle solving.

The currently released version is just a prototype. If the prototype is well received then development will continue.
The average play time is one hour.

Brief Story Outline:
Play as Henry Wilsmeer a middle aged man who has lost everything in his life to the extension of his own memory due to a severe WW1 accident. Returning from recovery Henry received the occasional voice in his head. The voice amplified over time and began haunting Henry to the edge of insanity. Henry became alone, only surrounded by the endless cry. Although, not until recently the voice became comprehensible. Henry's previous description of a haunting voice had shifted to a calling. In a last attempt to free the shackles of the voice Henry blindly follows the voice to a mysterious abandoned location. Upon exploration Henry has an accident falling through a collapsing floor, becoming unconscious. Once awake the voice had disappeared!

Artist - Student - Designer
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