Another day... another light
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wake up ... light ... repeats
In a galaxy not far away, the last spark of humanity coexists with different species
It´s about showing the monotony day by day in another world, in another time, in another space ... that for us it would be incredible to see and know ... for them not so much.
For me it´s an honor to show you "Another day ... another light"

Made with Unity 2017.2.0f3

To be able to capture the world, I began to organize the downloaded assets to have a map design

Once I have a style in the level, I configure the textures to see the harmony of colors and I put the accessories as trash and posters to give a sense of life.

In this case, I use the Skybox that comes in the Asset of Julias Models since it matches the idea I had

Once done that I start to place the lights to see how the environment reacts

At the same time that I add lens flare and reflection probe

Chromatic aberration and blurring are used in the camera, and some particle systems and some dirty lenses were added

I also used culling occlusion

And CINEMACHINE was used to capture the scenes

The result ... a science fiction environment with neon tones attached to the references I wanted to reach (which are in the references section), I hope you like it

This project could not have been done without the assets used, thanks to the creators of these to make this possible
  • Sky City Lite
  • Post Processing Stack
  • Destroyed City Free
  • Cinemachine
  • Low Poly City Block
  • NYC Block #6
  • Julias Models
  • Wall: Graffity
  • Barckeys Volumetric Lights
  • Unity Particle Pack
  • CyberSoldier
  • Robot Kyle
  • The Butcher
  • Speedball Player
  • Grunk Alien
  • Scifi Officer Captain
  • Dirty Lens Flare

Track by Eon
  • Eon - Ambient Sci Fi Music - (royalty free)


Thanks for giving me this piece of your time and see this

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