Isometric Builder
It is a tool that provides convenient functions for creating Isometric maps.
▷ Easy and fast - You can create the Isometric world without coding - There is no problem using it with other assets - All map editor functions are excluded at build time and do not consume runtime
▷ Drag Interface(Extrude / Press) - The Easiest and Fastest way to create / delete tiles is to drag the mouse - Extrude / Press multiple tiles at once - You can also duplicate attachments when extruding
▷ Bulk - This is the best unit to prefab a map object - Set the standard size of the tile and the number of coordinates in the tile - You can easily create objects of various shapes
▷ Tile - Both block and combined tiles are fully supported - Convenient to use various styles of resources at the same time - Easy PPU and tilt angle compensation per tile
▷ Custom OnSceneGUI & Inspector - Extrude/Press GUI is placed near the tile. - Complete Isometric camera and tile setup with a click - You can preview and select the graphics of the sub-objects directly in the Inspector - Components that automatically rename based on coordinates and sprites - UI to filter by specified tile name and select all
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Game Producer - Producer
Gabriel Pereira
5 months ago
Dude, that's awesome... Great stuff Is there a lite version of that? With basic stuff? Thanks
2 years ago
Game Producer
Just Released!!!!!