Anomalous Surge
Published 2 years ago
Anomalous Surge is a survival board game for 2 - 3 players in which you are a space colonist that has arrived with your two droids to the hostile planet LGJ-2201. Construct more droids and use them to collect and process minerals to keep your force field up and running. Protect your colony from the anomalous surge of incoming natural disasters. Print and Play available on Global Game Jam site.

I was Narrative Designer/Game Designer/Writer.
For this game, I accomplished the following:
  • Contextualized game mechanics and game events to make them agree with the narrative, as well as making them easier to learn and understand by players.
  • Wrote flavor text for all cards to augment the sci fi feeling of the game.
  • Researched natural disasters to pick the best ones to match the kind of game we were making.
  • Daniela Hung Punching - Ilustrator
  • Axel Muñoz Delmás - Game Designer
  • Luis Robles Pizarro - Game Designer
  • Kelvin Zevallos Olivos - Game Designer
Enrique Klein Garcia-Godos
Game Designer - Designer
Game Languages