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iOS; Android
"Countless possibilities had been while hope rose and fell, but all were beaten into the dust, bringing an end to the age of champions. The lands now lay desolate and empty but for the acrimonious shadows, enslaved in the falsehood of their own creation. Yet... there is one left wandering the lands in torturous pilgrimage, to escape this prison... or end it."

◆◆◆Game Characteristics*
. Standalone (offline capable)
. Tactical Action RPG
. Linear progression
. Tense combat mechanics and boss fights
. Button mashing will get you killed
. New perspective (literal and figurative)
. New bosses and weapons
. Cutscenes
. 4 levels of difficulty: Dawn, Midday, Dusk 1~3 (Day 1 ~ Day 4). 3 different endings (Dawn, Midday, Dusk)
. 4 area themes
. 24 main quests (per difficulty)
. 13/17 sidequests (Dawn/Midday: 13, Dusk: 17)
. 13 main boss fights (final boss in Dusk)
. Controller compatible
INTRODUCTION The world of Animus is a broken place — splintered, unreliable, fatal. Humanity was crushed between a clash for untold dominance between the Absolutes. Disorder, pain, and death befell mortals. All anyone could do was await death, but even that was stolen from the frail hands of man. In the end, perpetual strife and madness pervades all. Dangerous shadows stalk the grounds of the ruins, waiting to pounce on any living being, to lay blame and judgement. It is a kind of Purgatory we [the players] are in. There is no hope here, but for the end. Oblivion (hinted in Ire - Blood Memory) is what we seek.
The identity of the narrator in the introduction is ambiguous. The narrator knows of the aforementioned — the tragedy and sorrow to befall this frail world. She is removed... perhaps, reluctant. There is a sense of resignation, an understanding that an end to this world is best. Here all possibilities and realms interlace, and, as you know, rot must be cut away. As the narrator awaits the end, perhaps she beckons [us] to bring it.
GAMEPLAY Animus places the gamer into the role of a solitary warrior who must fight his way through a dark and desolate world full of horrific monsters. The mythology-based hardcore action style transports the gamer into the high-end realm of games. Animus is very tactical in that it requires the learning and application of tactical skills to defeat enemies who would otherwise brutally punish any gamer expecting casual battles.
Progression/leveling, farming all types of equipment and materials, attack and defensive mechanics are crucial. Type/attributes of weapons, armor, and accessories are important. Another thing to point out is the skill or Proficiency tree within the character status area that players will want to utilize in order to advance further into the game. Such things include amount of HP, amount of HP recovery, dodge time and distance, stamina control, etc.
Additional notes: We will be working with partners, hopefully to bring Animus to Nintendo Switch. Animus 2 is also slated for release in 2018.
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; Chinese, Traditional; English; German; Japanese; Korean; Portuguese, Brazil; Russian; Spanish; Thai
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android