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(FINAL) Animal Underbelly
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FINAL: Animal Underbelly

Face to face with dark side of animalia.

Work In Progress Log #13: [2018/05/10]: Bar... nearly... finished.

Another Update!

Work In Progress Log #12: [2018/05/10]: Bar, Bar... Bar.

Some more Bar space work! I've also started using .sbsar files with the Substance Plugin and WOW... the way they work now in Unity 2018.1 is just awesome! Great work!
The lighting is all WIP guys! I tweak as I go... because in Unity what you see is what you get!
Below you can see its getting pretty crazy - I have now created Layer using Empty's to organise everything. Especially my lights!
Well. Back to it. 4hrs to go...

Work In Progress Log #11: [2018/05/10]: Time to hit the Bar..

And we're back for the home stretch! Really want to get some mood happening before we enter the Ta-Kot's Office (Cat Boss).
Found an old Royalty free Western saloon to re-purpose here. So far here's were I'm at...
I have to jazz up this space inside 3hrs and get it as close as possible to my initial concept inspiration - and then I need to export and upload this! GAAHH!
I hope you guys like where this is headed! Thanks for the encouragement thus far! [Lets hope I finish this!]

Work In Progress Log #10: [2018/05/09]: Cheshire Grin...

So I've spent far too long animating this guy... but at least now he has some real spark!!
Doing some quick UV's on him but otherwise onto basic materials inside of Unity!!
On to the Night club bar and door where the Rhino Guards are standing! This is going to be close... [sweat]

Work In Progress Log #09: [2018/05/08]: The King on his Throne!

Just a quick update to share this guy...
Hit Like or leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Work In Progress Log #08: [2018/05/08]: The Office and Blendshapes!

The Office is taking shape! - However it doesn't quite feel "lived in" enough yet though... Here's an initial render!
I've also completed model stage of the Cat boss "Ta-Kot" and his Blendshapes. (Note: I've since added fangs too.) I'm now animating him to create some takes I can sequence in Unity's timeline... then the real fun will begin!
I'm currently hand animating Cat Boss! He'll be reclining in the shadows behind his desk and when we enter he'll lean into the light... But you'll see his eyes shimmering in the dark first... hehe! Its gonna be epic!
Thanks for your encouragement so far guys!

Work In Progress Log #07: [2018/05/08]: Cat Boss is taking shape!

Here are a few screenshots of Cat boss (WIP):
Much appreciation to Mike Bauerlin for allowing the remix of his Cat sculpt released under Creative Commons 4.0! Leave a Comment or hit Like to let me know what you think!

Work In Progress Log #05: [2018/05/07]: The Bodyguards!

And the door guards are done!! :D
Spent some time in 3dsMax "kit-bashing" these two assets together! I intend to animate a few other basic things later (pending time) like nostril flares, ear-flicks and what not but for now they're good to go!
I'm also using the HX Volumetric Lighting plugin I bought last year for the Neon Challenge... fantastic tool guys! (Please make it compatible with HDRP!) I also bought a Benelli M3 Tactical shotgun for... 50c!! Always impressed with unity's asset library!
Anyway! Please comment and leave your thoughts and feedback!
Encourage me and hit Like to let me know how I'm doing! I'm freaking out I won't have enough time to do this challenge justice! :O

Work In Progress Log #04: [2018/05/05]: Early Character Work!

I've spent some time scouring the Unity Store for assets that will save me time. So far I've found a free "Bodyguards" pack, a "Sci-fi Modular" pack and a cheap rigged "Deluxe Animal" pack.
As you can see I've got the Guards in now (Not yet Animals) and I've added clips from a "Rifle Mocap" starter pack that I bought off the store last year!
Also got to play with Unity 2018.1 's new Sub Surface Scattering (SSS) HDRP material feature! This really adds some life to the skin of characters!
Currently integrating the Cat head into his humanoid body :D
Let me know your thoughts and leave a Comment or Like!

Work In Progress Log #03: [2018/05/03]: Environment Layout and Camera timing!

I'm using 2018.1 and have decided to speed things up a bit by using the newly announced HDRP templates to save some time and start with more ideal settings from the get go. Below you can see I've used a Cinemachine Camera in timeline to push the camera from the *Club, past the *Guards with guns, through the door to the *Office where the *Mob Boss* is sitting. ("*" currently cubes set to human scale)
I've enabled noise on the Cinemachine's Virtual Camera to get a more "First person hand-held" kind of feel. I've also used Probuilder to do a super fast block out to get a feel for the space. (Super early stage - it'll change a lot!) Next I'll focus on creating 3D characters like the boss "Ta-kot" below - Hope I cna do this concept justice!

Work In Progress Log #02: [2018/05/02]: Inspiration & Reference!

Having spent too much time looking for images that say "Shady cats doing dirty deals", I'm now focusing on the following:
"Ta-kot is one of the most dangerous mob bosses in the South Pacific. The last of an incredibly unstable and violent species of hairless Felidae Sphinxus, Ta-kot will often kill others just for fun..."
I don't have long for this challenge... We'll see how many other animal species I can fit into this project! I'd love to have a female flamingo and scar faced kangaroo sitting in the club as the camera moves through the space...
For now I'm committing to:
  • A suited, hairless species of cat named "Ta-kot" - He's a Yakuza-type Mob boss.
  • A smoky, dark night club (something you might find in really-built up cities across Asia.)
  • Two Body Guards outside the door to his office.
  • I'm thinking they'll be two suited Rhino's holding weapons.
  • One camera move - Start in the club, progress past the guards into the office to Takot sitting behind oak desk.
  • Maybe cut to closeups of the guards, their guns, a scotch glass, and/or a smouldering cigar?
Follow the link below to check out my complete inspiration board!
And don't forget to hit LIKE - I really need all the encouragement I can get!

Work In Progress Log #01: [2018/05/01]: Ideas! GO!

Brain storm:
  • Sealife on land - Library? Octopus shelving books? Sneaky Seahorse?
  • Bovine Theme - all with different Horn shapes - Arms traders? Africa?
  • Earthworms - Prison. Awesome opportunity for SSS :D ... and Easy to Rig.
  • Feral Cats - Tough - Dangerous - Street-wise - Club - Neons and shady deals.
Well... its going to be tricky but I like the "Shady cats doing dirty deals" idea. Or maybe a dangerous feline club-boss?
Pinterest is next!
3D Technology & Innovation Lead - Other
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Hey guys! Even though the challenge is over, I've gone ahead and spent couple hours adding some more polish! A director's Cut of Sorts! :D
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Steven WrightThe Rhinocerous guards look great! Can’t wait to see what you do for the boss.
Thanks Steven! Yeah I dont have much time left... hoping I can connect a few camera angles together so they get their own closeup shot.
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Matt BaeriswylDude thats looking sick.
Thanks man! My most ambitious work yet!
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Francesco CalviRender is looking real good! Facial animations as well, dayum boy. Time consuming stuff. I'll be trying to smash it out all the way till the end with ya ;)
Awesome well all the best for midnight tonight!
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Francesco CalviRender is looking real good! Facial animations as well, dayum boy. Time consuming stuff. I'll be trying to smash it out all the way till the end with ya ;)
Thanks! Yeah I have a bad habit of biting off more than I can chew... haha! But hey gotta dream big!